Manual Milling Equipment

PFMan has many state of the art machines that will create any shape of geometry. With the most trained and qualified staff, PFMan has confidence their machine shop can do what it takes to get the job done. The machines are as follows.

Metalmac Bridgeport Type knee Mill

  1. 11” x 58” power feed table
  2. Digital readout for accuracy
  3. High speed machining
  4. High accuracy boring
  5. Great Prototyping capability
  6. Very robust



Mazak Lathe

  1. Very versatile machine, very accurate, very robust. Great for metal and plastic parts and shafts.
  2. 18” swing with 60” between centers
  3. 3.1/8” spindle hole for larger, longer shafts – up to 5 feet in length
  4. Digital readout for accuracy
  5. Taper attachment allows for tapered turning
  6. Inch and metric threads


Radial Arm Drill

  1. Very versatile machine for large work pieces
  2. Heavy duty boring and drilling
  3. 4 foot beam to allow work on large parts
  4. 48” in height
  5. Can drill and tap large diameter holes

Band Saw

  1. For Production saw capabilities