Engine Dyno Testing – Fast, Precise, Wide-Ranging

PFMan uses revolutionary techniques to give your company optimum results.

Leave it up to PFMan's research and development team to help your engine perform to an extremely high level. With statistical data analysis and superior knowledge of engines and mechanical design, we can help your company and engine grow.

THREE soundproof, explosion proof Engine Test Cells with Dynamometer equipment from Superflow we test engines between 1 Horsepower up to 350 Horsepower including engines with propellers attached. Wide – ranging and Fast Data Acquisition: up to 139 data channels sampling data and displaying it at 100 lines per second to allow our experts to see exactly what is happening during testing.

Customized Testing Protocols meeting the Standards and Needs required
by our Customers.

    • Input channels: Capture data from Temperature, Pressure, Air and Fuel sensors.
    • Calculation channels: Handle Formulas, Interpolation Tables and Memory.
    • Barometric Weather Station: Captures ‘real time’ Air and Humidity date to enable proper atmospheric correction factors.
    • The Proportional, Integral ,Differential closed loop (PID) control: enables accurate, loaded testing. Dual-mode control allows either the dyno or the throttle to control Speed, Torque, Power and Manifold Pressure or any other channel selected.
    • ‘Live’ Display Screens: Four Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) in the front of the sensor box show Power, Torque and Engine Speed, or any channels selected, live in the test cell.


Quick and Easy Customer Reports: Our data analysis tools allow us to quickly and effectively present data back to our Customers in a way that makes sense i.e. using graphs, plots or overlays.

Complete Engine Development & Analysis:

Sweep tests
Constant wide open operation
Step tests
Air / fuel ratio testing with Horiba instrumentation
Valve train studies
Cylinder head manifold flow bench
Frictional analysis testing
Crankshaft torsional vibration testing
Magnetic crack detection
Engine conversions: We can also convert engines to run alternative fuels such as CNG and LPG